benches i want to sit on and read

by me

so yesterday i walked around quite a bit and found a lot of cozy places in the city to sit. I use the word cozy because it is a big part of Danish culture. The word in Danish is ‘hygge’. It’s the go-to positive adjective to describe the feel of a place and every place tries to be ‘hygge.’ For example at every restaurant/bar/cafe there  are candles lit and if there is outdoor seating there are always blankets on the chairs. So.. here are some random hygge benches i found

Not exactly a bench, but they have these chairs outside the public royal library, the Black Diamond (second picture), and they look right over the water. It’s a really beautiful, and relaxing place to hang. I also heard it’s a great place to meet some Danes! The Black Diamond is a pretty incredible building.

Right across the street from the Black Diamond is the parliament buildings. As i was walking around there I found this beautiful courtyard. I don’t think you can see them but there are benches tucked away in the corner 

And then I took a walk through the botanical gardens and of course found some great and beautiful places to sit.

that's my friend julia

and here i am in front of the green houses in the garden

More to come later! I miss you all!