by me

today was quite the eventful day!

so yesterday… i went to a street fair/flea market and of course, left my camera there. this morning i realized where it was and basically accepted the fate that my camera was gone forever. but, i didn’t completely give up and with a little hope i found contact emails of the event and the facebook page and asked everyone i could about my missing red cannon…

after sending out desperate messages i went on a lovely walk, found a cute cafe with my friends, and feeling super european, ordered an espresso.

with a burst of energy i came home right in time for the discount bike sale and purchased my lovely bike, leena. after the four months i can return it and get half of what i paid back! thanks student discounts! 

it’s name is leena because the bike leans to the right when i ride it. it is a lovely one-gear cruser with backpedal breaks and a beat up basket on the front. biking is a huge part of danish culture, and to really get a good sense of the city i felt i needed to join the biking community

bikes in the city

so that was fun! i can’t wait to go exploring! after that i went to a rooptop garden on top of a elementary school where i hope to do some volunteering. most sunday afternoons they serve food made from the garden. today they had pumpkin soup and mint tea!

after leaving the garden, we heard that there was a ping pong event in a park down the road. people were trying to beat the world record for the number of players in one ping pong game so of course we had to go check it out. on the way there, we walked through the oldest cemetery in Copenhagen. it’s kind of weird, it’s a beautiful park where people picnic and hang, but it’s also a cemetery… anyway it’s beautiful, and i can’t wait to go back

and then we went to the ping pong extravaganza! i was ping pong player 271. we didn’t break a world record, but it certainly was exciting! the way it worked was that people stood on either side of the table and after hitting, each person ran to the back of the other line. it was fun, and a very unexpected activity.

and then i went home. I then checked the computer and saw someone responded to my facebook post and that they have my camera!!!! wooohooo! it was very very exciting! so tomorrow i have positive psych class from 10-1 and then am going to take a bike ride and pick up my camera!!! when i come home, i then have two more classes, the social mind and international marketing and branding, and when that’s over, at around 5:45, i’m off to my danish visiting families house for dinner! it sounds like tomorrow is going to be just as eventful!!


well that’s it for now.

everyone stay safe and dry!

lots of love from denmark