last day of summer

by me

today is the last day of summer in copenhagen, which means it’s the last day you’re allowed to swim in this water area near my house! so despite the 54 degree, cloudy weather me and two friends needed to take a dip in denmark.

my crazy friends jumped

i went in slowly

the coldest i’ve ever been in my whole life

That’s my friend jane. I was much too cold to attempt the jump

well that was a fun morning

and then tonight…

Tonight is our first official ‘green house’ dinner. Every wednesday we pick up food from a coop across town. A few people in the house sign up each week to be the chefs and other roles. This week i’m the cleaner. I’m getting the hard jobs out of the way early! I think these communal  dinners are going to be weekly highlights for me! so i’m pumped! i’ll let you know how it goes.

lots of love from Denmark