what i’m actually doing here

by me

it must seem to all of you readers that i am on one big giant vacation. which is mostly true. but i am also taking classes; classes that I am really excited for. I’m enrolled in..

a) danish language and culture.

b) international marketing and branding

c) political rhetoric

d) positive psych (i travel to scotland for a week with this class)

e) the social brain

d) turkey at the crossroads (and i go to istanbul for a week!)

.. no one in the program has class on wednesdays as wednesdays are reserved for field studies. each class has 2 wednesday’s where we take what we are learning in class and get some sort of hands-on experience! I’ll keep you all updated on the field studies. They seem like awesome academic and cultural experiences.

I was also paired up with a Danish visiting family, the Letvad’s. I had dinner at their house on Monday and it was great! I ate dinner with Stina (the mom), Jan (the dad), and Nikolina (the fourteen year-old daughter). We just sat around the table and spoke for hours. They told me  that they want me to come whenever I want and just hang out. They couldn’t stress enough that they don’t want me to feel like a guest. So the Letvad’s rock! I’m going over there again next Monday for Danish dinner round two!

Anyway, when I am not doing school things and hanging out with awesome Danish families I am….

at really cute cafes

and eating glittery cupcakes

and finding more cute benches to sit on (there are a lot in this city)

and seeing funky street performers

and just exploring the beautiful copenhagen

the view from my window

More to come later.

Lots of love from Denmark