from farm to table

by me

so today was quite the eventful day!

as i mentioned before, every wednesday nights the green house has a communal dinner, and tonight it was my night to cook for the team! the food for this dinner comes from a csa and today in our bag we had: cauliflower, parsnip, parsley, onions, potatoes, kale, fennel, and corn. the goal is to use two bags + about 150 dkk, which = about $30 to create a meal for around 20 people! I felt like i was on a less-intense, less-competitive version of chopped!

So, I took a ride to the csa to pick up the food at around 4! It was a great adventure biking through the city with a ton of veggies!

Then the cooking began!

So Eileen (my friend who was cooking with me) and I made a cauliflower, parsnip, onion, and fennel roast

and a onion, cabbage, and potato hash!

the final product

and a kale, green bean, corn and goat cheese salad

we also made croutons and kale chips to put on the tables

and for our dessert we made a chocolate bread pudding. while there was no bread in our csa bag, it fit in with the theme as we got it dumpster diving. don’t worry, we got it right as the bakery threw it out.

dinner was served at 7:45, and i think everyone enjoyed it!!

the proud and exhausted chefs!

It was a great evening. At the dinner we spoke about a lot of upcoming plans. For example, next weekend we are all going hiking and canoeing which will be fantastic. Also, the csa we get our food from is looking to open up a new boutique in our neighborhood, and if we can get it approved by DIS, we may be able to hold it in our courtyard, which would allow me to become much more involved, which would be really great! We’re also planning to go to this town that still lives like it’s the stone age as well as an independent commune. I’m super excited for it all!!

The excitement continued after dinner, when i booked plane tickets to paris and barcelona! i have two weeks off in the end of october/beginning of november. so i’d be in paris (and attending the pitchfork music festival) first, then going to barcelona, and then for the entirety of the second week, going to istanbul! so basically, i am the luckiest girl in the world. i’m so grateful for being able to have this experience, it is truly (i know how cheesy and cliche i’m being) a once in a lifetime experience!

But i should probably go to bed now. I have to wake up in 4 1/2 hours because i am catching a train to go to the island of borholm at 6:15 tomorrow morning. I will be there until saturday night and i’m sure i will have so much to tell you all when i return!

I hope you all at skidmore enjoyed your first day back at school!!

Lots of love from Denmark