the week so far

by me

hello everybody! alright, so what exciting things have happened so far this week? The weather was incredible on Sunday, which is rare for Copenhagen. Despite the fact that I was exhausted from my trip to Bornholm, I needed to get out of the house. I sat in the botanical gardens, listened to some folk music, people watched and wrote for half the day which a great! So, that was most of Sunday.

My classes so far this week have been really interesting…

I learned a lot in my positive psych class  about  how positive and negative emotions influence how broad or narrow you view the world. it was pretty cool and applicable to everyday life.

My social brain class has been great too. Right now we’re talking about brain damaged patients and their sense of self. It’s a really interesting mix of neuroscience and philosophy.

So, there are elections going on today. The way elections work here, is the prime minister gets to pick when they are, and then each party has three weeks to campaign. My political rhetoric teacher is on the campaign team for the social democrats. As such, I’ve been able to get a real insight about the elections which I’ve really appreciated. There are 9 different political parties here. The most conservative of the parties is far left of our democrats, except on issues of immigration. Denmark is a big welfare state. Everyone pays 45%+ taxes and everything is taken care of. Free healthcare, free education, when you go to college, they actually pay you so you have to focus on your studies and not worry about a second job. I’m excited to see what happens tonight!

For my marketing class, we went on a field trip yesterday to some business that makes really intense organizational software for other companies. It was pretty cool.

… All in all, my classes are terrific and i’m learning a lot!

Lets see, oh yea, Monday night I met with my danish buddy network. It’s a program set up by DIS where a handful of american students get paired up with a handful of danish students and get to hang out and talk about cultural differences. One of the guys, søren, is having us all to his apartment on Friday to have a american/danish party with a few other buddy networks, so i am looking forward to that.

Other than that, I’ve just been doing a lot of walking, a lot of biking, and a lot of writing.

I have an exciting weekend planned. I’m taking a bike ride up the denmark coast to go to Louisiana, supposedly the coolest modern art museum ever. And then on Sunday, some of the green house members are going on a canoe trip and eating dinner at one of my danish housemates parents’ house! I’ll let you know how everything goes.

Lots of love from Denmark.