election night

by me

last night was election night as i told y’all in previous posts. it was really fun to be in all the energy and excitement. the opposition, the left-wing government won and denmark now has its first woman prime minister. I sat in in my new favorite cafe/bar called din nye ven, which in english your new friend, and happily blended in with the crowd. It was the first time when not a single person spoke to me in english, and that always feels good. Social scripts are a beautiful thing. There are so many times where someone says something to me in danish that i obviously don’t understand, but based on the context i know exactly what they are saying. for example, someone asked me to watch their things as they went to go get a drink. I didn’t understand the words, but I knew exactly what they wanted me to do, so i said “jah” and the interaction went smoothly and i fit right in.

So, i just wanted to share with you guys these political happenings and cool communication things but also show-off how i learned to put links into my posts. I think i’m going to do this more often so you can understand the true essences of all the things i am sharing.

My class got cancelled this morning because my political rhetoric teacher was probably up all night drinking celebrating the win of his party. so, i am going to have a full day of biking and exploring new places!

lots of love from denmark