A Positive Psych Student in Scotland

by me

why positive psych in scotland you may ask? well… the scottish government is currently funding programs to increase the general well-being throughout the country. Starting in 2004, the  National Health Service started considering  mental health to be equally as important as physical health and created vision to promote a Mentally Flourishing Scotland.

we visited the playfield institute, an example of a NHS funded program. The playfield institute looks to empower frontline staff to promote the well-being of adolescents. They offer training programs to professionals such as teachers and mid-wives so children can be impacted by the teachings of creativity, well-being, personal development etc. Because health in Scotland is publicly funded, waiting lines for psychologists are months long. playfield gives workers the ability to handle problems with children, so the children don’t just look to go to a psychologist. because of playfield and other such programs, psychological waiting list times have supposedly decreased significantly.

we also spoke to people from an organization named GoWell. The government is currently going through a big housing regeneration program and GoWell is researching how this housing investment is affecting residential, social, and community empowerment by looking at the constructs of privacy, control, freedom, status etc ….

we went to a Buddhist mediation center which was great. After that we were off to learn abut another mediation philosophy and checked out the teaching of the Brahma Kumaris at inner space, which was supposed to be about yoga and positive thinking, but was more like a spiritual cult-esque thing. So that was quite the interesting experience.

We also spoke with a lot of people in both Edinburgh and Glasgow about there thoughts of happiness in Scotland. From my experience, the Scots are much friendlier than the Danes in terms of random stranger interactions. I had some great conversations with the people I met while traveling, more than i have ever had in Denmark. I would assume the language had a significant impact. Also the Scots dress like normal people as opposed to the Danes who dress like they are constantly on the catwalk, which was quite refreshing. But i am happy to be home again in the green house.