a week

by me

another week has passed here in copenhagen. the sun is still out but my homework is piling up. the next two weeks are going to be filled with tests and papers. but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. a really really bright light filled with adventures in paris, barcelona and istanbul. so if there’s nothing interesting to read here until then, which very well could be the case, don’t worry for there will be more excitement on the way.

so what did i do this week?

there was some gardening on roof-tops

eileen and julia


some culture-nighting. the whole city opens up once a year. with one button and one transportation pass you can unlimited access to basically everything you can imagine. there were streets in viking-costume, there were random aquariums. i touched a star fish, jealous!? and pancake making over little fires.

this was just in a tent on the street.

got my fill of a capella

an electric sportscar


a key ingredient of this in this post is missing, food. so outside of my house was a pumpkin carving/haunted house culture night activity. at the end of the night, there were still many a pumpkin lying around. it was time for some good pumpkin cooking.

i got my eyes on you, pumpkin

okay. so sara and i took a pumpkin. cut off the top and scooped out the guts. we made some good pumpkin stew with some carrots and apples and cinamon and a whole lot of other great stewy things. we then took that stew, and placed it back into the pumpkin. and then we took the stew-fulled pumpkin and stuck it in the oven to bake for an hour. i know, genius. we ate the stew right from the pumpkin and there was extra pumpkin goodness with every scoop.

seeds honey-roastin' on the stove while the pumpkin sits in the oven

well that was fun. so the weeks over. spent the day at the letvad’s: taking walks, eating foods, chatting politics, and commenting on the fact that i am half-way done with this crazy adventure. which is something quite nutty. can’t wait to see what’s in store for my next two months of these danish adventures.

lots of love from denmark