Escaping Scandinavia: Barcelona

by me

Some serious steam was lost after five days in Paris. We tried to be efficient tourists, but we always found ourselves wandering to the beach. No complaints there.

too cold

let that sangria flow

Every morning started off with a trip to La Boqueria for fresh fruit juice and other snacks.

We did the sights. Saw some Gaudi, saw some sagrada familia, saw some camp nou. The Gothic area of the citywas beautiful, but too touristy. All the places that made Barcelona unique were just filled filled filled with tourists, and the other areas were just normal metropolis, which was a little bit of a bummer. But, I can’t pretend I’m any better than any other tourist and hours did fly by as I wandered around those narrow streets filled with colorful balconies.


we  never left a site without stopping first to play a game of hearts. We plan to engage in a round until we leave denmark. Currently, I’m in the lead and hopefully will still be 40 days from now.

We of course left the touristy areas to find the most authentic paella and tapas. Because traveling is all about food and I am quite glad I was with people who felt the same way.

met up with some skidmore pals for a great dinner. too fun

I am home in copenhagen now. I get one day to relax, and tomorrow morning I am off to Istanbul. Many more adventures to come!! I miss you all

Lots of love from Denmark