veggie collective

by me


so my house picks up food once a week from a vegetable collective and cooks one-big family dinner with the bags we get. The vegetable collective has been so successful that we decided we needed to start our own in an old fire house across the courtyard from my house.

last night was the first interest meeting and the group was so ambitious. As we don’t speak Danish, don’t have any money, and are leaving in a month, we can’t really contribute that much to the process except organizing the meetings, providing the space and supporting the group. But about 20 community members came and joined us in firehouse last night and are ready to open the collective next week!

the way it works is that people buy their bags a week+ in advance and then there is a bag of veggies ready for them. Next week people are going to come and hopefully put their first payments down, and once we have that money we are all ready to go! too easy. The organization is great and they make it so easy to start new collectives. It’s is a funny role to both initiate the program and then not really contribute to the administrative things that go into it, but it’s great that before I leave copenhagen, people are going to be picking up their organic, local veggies right where I live. I wish I wasn’t leaving so soon so i could see the collective at it’s full potential and that i could play a larger role…

but i am also starting to get ready to be home. can’t wait to see everyone i love again!

working at the collective

Lots of love from Denmark