A day with the Letvad’s

by me

I have been set-up with a family outside Copenhagen to be my ‘visiting family.’ I go over to their house about once a week for some dinner and hygge. Since I have been gone doing all my traveling and what not, we decided that we should spend the whole day together doing fun things. So, last Sunday I went their house for breakfast. Stina (my visiting mom) and I sat at the table for about two hours just chatting away.  The two of us always have great conversations; she is just so easy-going and engaging. And I forget that I am the age, especially in Denmark, that I am perceived as an adult and that my experiences and ideas are actually appreciated in conversations with other adults. So Stina is more like my visiting friend than my visiting mom.  And I like friends. Stina’s dad popped in for a little bit. He was a really bubbly old man who was very excited to tell me about a restaurant in Grand Central that apparently serves the best oysters.  Anyway, around 12 we, Stina, Nikoline (my 14 yr-old- visiting sister) and I, decided to leave the house to start our day.

We first went to a Christmas market in Frederiksberg, on of the ritzy-er neighborhoods in town. By the way, it is already Christmas in Copenhagen. There are lights all over the city, little Christmas huts popping up on squares selling cute and tasty Christmas things, Christmas beer at every tap, and Christmas lunches being served. So, we went to the most adorable market where they were selling trees and  Christmas crafts. It may seem preemptive, but the cheer is a little needed when the sunsets around 4 and the wind is cold.  After the Christmas market we took a quick walk in a park.

fires, trees, band in the background singing about christmas

man and bird in park

bird on head in park

a romantic way for babies to get rid of their pacifiers : hang them up on pacifier trees.

Stina and Nikoline

We had to make it quick because we were invited to a birthday party outside the city. The party was for one of Stina’s good friend’s teenage daughter. The evening was a little bit awkward, but a good experience nonetheless. Most of the time I was just sat there trying to make up the stories that people were speaking around me. Stina translated when she could, but it was a lot of watching and eating snacks for me. Every once in a while I got in a conversation which was always enjoyable, and then once I got the whole room speaking English and that was even more fun. As I was leaving, the host of the party said that it was really nice meeting and talking to a well-educated America. I took it as a compliment and shrugged off the implications of the comment.

I guess that’s it for now. This week is another exciting one. Tomorrow we are celebrating Thanksgiving early with a epic-30 person feast. Friday I have off from school and am taking a trip to a small town outside of Denmark and to cliffs that are supposed to be made out of chalk. and then, if i am feeling ambitious, i may even take a day trip to sweeden on Saturday.

See you all in a month!

Lot’s of love from Denmark