by me

haven’t posted in a while. sorry. The American in me would explain that I have been too lazy to go out in the cold and the dark and therefore don’t have interesting things to share.

But now, I know better than that. I know that time inside in Copenhagen is not time wasted. I know that being inside with friends, candles, food, wine, and hygge, is exactly what I am supposed to be doing this time of year. It’s what all the Danes are doing.

Last Saturday however, I did do some fun adventurous things. I got an all day train ticket and trained all over Zealand (the island of Denmark I live on).



paul. sara. lexi

surprise! a beach.



Frederiksborg Castle

We made a few more stops along our journey but all cities were closed around 4. The sun goes down, the store owners leave and the cities close. Frustrating for travelers looking to discover new things around  Denmark, but totally awesome for locals. Get out of the workplace and back to your home and be hyggelig with the people you love….

… lifestyles I can’t wait to take home with me.

Well, that’s that.

I am done with all things academic on Monday, and then I have a week to enjoy Copenhagen and take advantage of all the things I love here. I promise there will be more blog posts before I leave. Which is in 9 days. which is crazy.


Lot’s of love from Denmark