i am not apologizing for this post: enjoy your daily dose of my emotions.

by me

how did this happen?

how is my abroad experience so close to being done? it is so hard to imagine that i am leaving. i’m sitting in my house right now and the concept of not ever being here again is quite bizarre.

this whole abroad experience is quite bizarre. i was dropped in a city, a city that i wanted so much to feel like a home. And i was dropped in a house full of strangers that i wanted so much to feel like a family.


this friday and saturday we had big green house events.

a sustainable party on friday with an open invitation to the whole school. the goal was to make a no-waste party to celebrate our time in copenhagen. everyone had to bring their own reusable cups to drink from our local, organic keg. it was all outside with fire pits and candles. and friends etc.

and then last night we had a final group dinner. john and nancy, the professors that live with us, cooked this week and the dinner turned into an all night event. in between a christmas beer tasting organized by john, and a performance of sixties dance moves by nancy, we all started to understand what this house has become.

at some point in the night, we all sat back around the kitchen table. We went around and everyone individually expressed appreciation for the community that we all created; the home and the family that I wanted to find so much.

And now I am leaving. Next sunday I am going to get on the plane and then (Of course the pictures and the friendships will still remain)  everything that was created in these past four months are all going to be a memories.

it is quite bizarre.

One week left. One week left to explore and enjoy Copenhagen, the greatest city I have ever been to.

See you soon America

Lots of love from denmark.